Photo/Video Captured

With TheTruthSpy, View photo captured, Photo tracker android, record all photos and video captured by target phone camera. Automatically send photos to your online account without the need of using iTunes or PC software. This also help you protect your children against taking nude photo, video and sharing with bad friends.

View photo captured, Photo tracker android

View photo captured, Photo tracker android

Why You Need This Feature

Teenagers want to be cool and accepted by their peers and are highly influenced by today’s fashion and beauty industry. It seems they are pressured more than ever to push the envelope when it comes to the way they dress and act. Smartphones now give them the opportunity take compromising photos and post them to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. They think they are just having fun and impressing someone in a private way, but in reality the photos can be used against them and there are a lot of creepy people out there that look for these types of posted photos. Use TheTruthSpy to learn the truth about what photos and videos are being taken with your child’s cell phone.

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