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Do you wonder how some people can easily spy on a cell phone? Well, they are not really gifted. Nowadays spying on a cell phone is no big deal. You don’t need any software knowledge or technical expertise to spy on a cell phone. All you need is the right tool.

Do you want to learn how to spy on a cell phone for Free? If yes, let us be your guide. In this post, we will show you how to spy on a cell phone without paying a single dime. Yes, you have heard it right. We will show you how to spy on a cell phone for free using TheTrustSpy – Best Mobile Spy Free.

But before we move on, let us understand the pre-requisites and basics of cell phone spy to avoid any complications. Here we will discuss what exactly is cell phone spying, and who all are allowed to do it.


Spying Cell Phone: Use TheTrustSpy App

Spying Cell phone: Use TheTrustSpy App
Spying Cell phone: Use TheTrustSpy App

Now, that we know the basics of cell phone spying, let’s learn how to do it. The best way to spy on someone’s cell is by using a mobile spy or spying application such TheTrustSpy App.

You can easily install the TheTrustSpy spying app on someone’s cell phone to spy on their location or activities. TheTrustSpy has a special feature called GPS Location Tracker. By using this feature, you can spy on a cell phone.

But the main problem, people face is choosing the right spying software. There are many cell phone spying software available online, but most of this software is either fake or too costly.

You will hardly find any free cell phone spying app online. Most of the free spying apps are fake. If you click on them, it will ask you to take surveys and direct you to other clickbait sites.

There are very few free cell phone spying apps that are genuine. One such app is TheTrustSpy. With the TheTrustSpy app, you can spy on anybody’s cell phone for free without paying any money. Sounds good right?

In this post, we will show you how to spy on a cell phone for free, but before that let’s see all the functions of the TheTrustSpy application.


TheTrustSpy: Functions

TheTrustSpy: Functions
TheTrustSpy: Functions

Here are all the functions you can enjoy mobile spy free application.


  • SMS/MMS spying: With this function, you can read all the sent and received SMS/MMS of the spy cell phone.
  • SMS Alerts: You will also receive SMS alerts by spying on a cell phone.


With this call function, you can enjoy various features like,

  • Call Logs Spying: You can spy all the call logs of the target with this function.
  • Call Recording: Apart from spying on call logs, you can also record the calls. You can listen to all the recorded calls as well as save these recorded calls.
  • Calls Blocking: You can even block the calls on the target phone with this feature.

GPS Locations

You can spy on the location of the target cell phone. You can enjoy 2 features of location spying.

  • Live Location: You can spy the real-time location with the app.
  • Location History: You can also check all the previous locations of the target cell phone.


You can view all the images that are stored on the target phone. You can have access to all the image files on the phone.

Instant Messaging Apps

You can spy on various instant messaging apps on the target phone. You can spy all the messages as well as activities.

  • WhatsApp: You can easily spy on all the WhatsApp messages with this app. You can also spy on all the individual chats as well as group chats.
  • Skype: You can also spy on all the Skype messages and calls.
  • Hangouts: You can spy and monitor all the hangouts conversations with different people along with time.
  • Line: Spy all line messenger chats and conversations along with time and contact details.
  • KIK: Monitor all the conversations on KIK. You can read all the messages from the conversations with the time and details of the sender.
  • Viber: Check all the conversations made on Viber with timestamps and contact details by using this spying app.
  • Gmail: This feature is very useful. You can spy on all the incoming as well as outgoing emails of the target’s Gmail account. It is especially used in the case of monitoring employees.
  • Tango: You spy all the incoming messages sent on Tango. You can read the message content along with the date and time. You will get notifications about each message.
  • Telegram: You can read all the incoming messages received on the telegram app. You will get a notification from each received message, along with the date, time, and contact details.

Social Media

Along with messenger apps, you can spy on social media account as well as messages.

  • Facebook: Spy the target’s Facebook account and get details about all the messages sent and received on Facebook.
  • Snapchat: Spy all the messages as well as images sent and received on Snapchat. Get the details of the sender as well.
  • Instagram: You can even spy on all the Instagram messages along with the date, time, and contact details. Check all the posts and pictures shared on Instagram.

Remote Control

You can even control the target phone with the help of the remote control feature. You can delete data, make a notification sound, or take a picture.

  • Audio recording: You can easily record audio by switching on the microphone.
  • Take a picture: You can take a picture by controlling the camera.
  • SMS command: You can send SMS as well as command notifications.
  • Other Functions: You can make the phone ring, Take a screenshot, hide apps, delete data, control Wi-Fi, restart, format, or reboot the phone.

Live Viewing

With this function, you can control the phone camera to get a live view. You can also view what’s going on the screen by using the screen record function. You can control the front as well as the rear camera.

File Manager

You can spy the file manager on the target phone. Moreover, you can view all the downloaded files as well as saved files. You can also create a backup of these files.

Schedule Restriction

You can also restrict phone usage. All you need to do is enter the start time as well as end time to restrict the apps and usage on the phone. You can even restrict the usage for days.


You can spy and monitor all the applications that are installed on the target phone. If you want, you can even block certain apps.


You can spy on all the browsing history along with the websites visited on the phone. You can even block certain websites if you want. This feature is very useful if you want to spy on your children or employee.


Spy all the events that are marked on the calendar as well as check all the history of events.


Spy all the new as well as previous contacts that are saved on the phone. This way you will know who your kids are talking to.

Analysis tools

This tool will generate a report on the basis of usage on the phone. You will get a detailed report consisting of charts and diagrams to know which app is mostly used on the phone. Moreover, you can get all the statistics in excel or PDF format. You can easily find out which app your child spends all his time.

These are all the functions of the mobile spy free app which helps you to spy on a cell phone. You can enjoy all these features while spying on someone’s phone. Don’t just read it, try for yourself. Now, it’s time for you to learn, how to spy on a cell phone.

Steps to Spy on Cell Phone

How to spy on a cell phone
How to spy on a cell phone

In order to spy on a cell phone, you have to use free mobile spying app. We will show you how to use the TheTrustSpy app to spy on a cell phone. Follow these steps.


Step 1: Preparation

The first step is the preparation step. In this step, you need to prepare everything that is required for spying. This step includes two things.

  • Prepare your account: You need to prepare a spying account for yourself. To do this, you have to visit the website of the app and click on the register for free or sign up option. Then you have to enter the correct email id as well as other information to create an account password. Once you have the id and password, it is done.
  • Prepare the phone: The next thing you need to prepare is the target phone. Yes, you need the target phone to set up the application inside it. Make sure you have the target phone for roughly 5 minutes.

Step 2: Pre-installation

This is the most important step. Before installing the application inside the target phone, you need to take care of certain things. Here is a list of all the things you need to do.

  • Unknown Sources: You have to go to the settings option and allow downloads from unknown sources. If you don’t do this, the app will not be downloaded.
  • Google Play protect: The next thing you need to take care of is to disable Google Play Protect. If you don’t do this, the app will not be installed. To do this you have to open Google Play. Go to play protect and disable it.

Step 3: Installation

In this step, you have to actually download and install the app inside the target phone. There are certain things you need to do to get this step right.

  • Download: Go to the app menu and find the downloading link. Click on the download option and wait for the downloading to be completed.
  • Install: Now go to download the file option and find the application file. Tap on it and click on install. After this, the file will start installing.
  • Configure: Wait for the configuration to be completed. Once it is done, it means the target phone is connected to the spying application.
  • Login: Now open the app and login again using your credentials. It is the final step in syncing the app to the phone.
  • Hide app icon: Now close the application and hide the app icon to avoid suspicion.
  • Delete history: Go to the browser you have used and delete the history of downloading the app.

Step 4: Log in

Once step 3 is completed, keep the target phone away. Step 3 will only take 5 to 10 minutes. Once it is done, you can relax, open your device, and log in to the app using your credentials. Once you have logged in, you can spy all the activities on the target cell phone along with the location.

Cell Phone Spying

Cell Phone Spying
Cell Phone Spying

People share almost everything on cell phones. A cell phone can be dangerous, especially when given to young kids. Because of all these reasons cell spying has become necessary. When you spy on a cell phone, you can easily get the location of the phone as well as spy on all the activities on the phone.

Many people use it for the wrong purpose but it can be used for a good cause too. You can protect your loved ones as well as prevent any crimes by spying on their cell phone. If cell phone spy doesn’t harm anyone, it is good. In any case, personal information should not be misused.

Ethical Cell Phone Spying

In this post, we will show you how to spy on someone’s cell phone ethically. Spying on anybody is considered illegal, but when you do it to protect anybody’s interest it is considered legal.

Unethical spying is done without permission to either harm the target or blackmail them. But in ethical spying, the main motive is to protect the target or prevent any crime.

Only a few people are allowed to spy on cell phones legally. If you fall into any of these categories, you can do it freely. But if you are doing it with a bad intention, you can face legal consequences. Now we will discuss who all are allowed to spy on cell phones using Mobile Spy Free.


Spying A cell phone: Who can do it?

Spying a cell phone
Spying a cell phone

Here is a list of all those people who are allowed to spy on someone’s cell phone.


You can spy on your own cell phone. If you want to spy on your cell phone, you don’t need any permission. It is legal to spy on your own cell phone. There will be no legal consequences.

Many people spy on their own cell phones to protect them from theft. In case of lost phone or theft, you can easily spy the location of your cell phone to get it back.

You can also use it in case of emergencies like kidnapping. You can entrust your credentials to a trusted person so that they can spy on your location in case of any emergency.


Out of all the people who are involved in spying on cell phones, parents hold the highest record. In this cruel world, kids are no longer safe. You cannot leave them unattended.

But kids these days don’t share anything with their parents. You don’t know what they do on their cell phone. They can be talking to the wrong people, sharing their personal details with them, sending them pictures, etc.

All these things can be really dangerous. They can be easily trapped by sexual predators or child abusers. You need to spy on their cell phone to keep an eye on them and to protect them.

It can also be used if your child is in any problem, if they go missing or if they are kidnapped. With phone spy, you can get their real-time location and save them.

You can also monitor all their activities online. They can be watching adult content or be involved in bullying someone online. They can be engaged in illegal activities. If you spy on them, you can know what they are doing in their day to day life and guide them.


Partners are also allowed to spy on a cell phone. If you are facing trust issues or problems in your married life, you can use a cell phone spy to make it strong again. You can spy on each other’s cell phones to build trust and make your marriage strong again.

You can use it to spy on your partner’s location to know if they are safe. If there is any problem, you can easily know where they are.

You can also use it to catch your partner if they are cheating on you. Partners normally spy on cell phones to catch their cheating spouses.


If you are an employer, you need to spy on your employee’s cell phones to monitor them. You can easily supervise them and check their productivity. In the case of sick leaves, you can spy on your employee to know the truth. You can monitor their performance easily this way.

Also, you can also use it to prevent losses. You can spy on your employees to know if they are leaking any vital information to the competitor. If you are suspicious, you can catch them and prove their crime.


So if you want to spy on someone’s cell phone for free, follow the steps given above. The application is simple and easy to use. You don’t have to pay anything. If you follow any difficulties following the steps, check the installation video guide.