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Do you really need TheTrustSpy app for Facebook spying

The growing popularity and advancement in technology have positioned Facebook to new heights. Today, Facebook holds approximately billions of active users all over the world. The users make use of the Facebook app so as to communicate and stay in touch with their friends and family members. It has truly changed the perspective and the mode of communication. However, none of the thing in the market comes without a risk. The kids, youngsters, and the employee even the elder ones make use of the applications as if their entire life depends on it. This builds storage of confusions, doubts, questions, and other misunderstandings.

Do you really need TheTruthSpy app for Facebook spying

Do you really need TheTruthSpy app for Facebook spying

TheTrustSpy not only allows you to easily access it and views the Facebook conversations but also allows you to know all app passwords that are being put by suspect. What else the TheTrustSpy app is capable of doing? With TheTrustSpy, Facebook spy software, Spy facebook on android, Spy facebook messages, you can:

  • Read entire Facebook chats and view conversations held between the suspect and the other person
  • Know the name of the other people to whom the suspect chats every night and also from where he/she belongs to (location)
  • Get date and time stamps in real time so as to recognize who, where and how the chat has taken place
  • Get instant access over the videos, audio files, photos, videos, and other belongings through Facebook spy option from suspect device

The entire list of chat conversation gets uploaded on user online TheTrustSpy account. The user can access the control panel and view the photos, videos, files stored.

Facebook spy software, Spy facebook on android, Spy facebook messages

Facebook spy software, Spy facebook on android, Spy facebook messages

Why You Need This Feature

Not only this, kids make use of Facebook so as to flaunt their presence and make a remarkable popularity via posting selfies, videos and sharing content. Everything goes well for a certain period of time but a time comes when they got addicted to it. Some kids indulge in awful activities that are not at all good for their mind. If you too want to safeguard and protect your kid from social media pitfalls, then do download and install the TheTrustSpy app now.

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About the TheTrustSpy app

There are gallons of spying tools available in the market but not all are reliable and trustworthy. Online spying tool claims to fulfill customer need and wants but they hardly keep their promises. Out of the entire spying tool that demands computer skills, TheTrustSpy app is the only spying tool that demands only a click on the download button. Yeah! It’s true.

Features offered by the Facebook spying tool

Features offered by the Facebook spying tool

Features offered by the Facebook spying tool

Presently, TheTrustSpy offers numerous features when it comes to spy Facebook but only the most common ones are mentioned below-

Using the TheTrustSpy app, you will be able to trace every single message conveyed using chat option between the suspect and other people. Messages from suspect and stranger could reveal more than you think. The most interesting thing about the TheTrustSpy app is that you can get instant messages as the suspect types on this device.

Another interesting feature you get is live GPS location feature using the TheTrustSpy App. The live location feature enables the user to know the current location of the suspect; this is how you can find the location of your kid when he/she get ahead to the coaching classes.

You get time and date stamps in real time that implies when the message is being sent or received by the suspect. In addition to it, you know the details of the other person Facebook ID.

You do not require rooting your phone or requiring MAC password to get information instantly. The TheTrustSpy app is best known for its simple and easy to use services all over the world.

The TheTrustSpy app helps you to get pictures, videos and other files from suspect devices. The viewed photos, videos, and files automatically get saved on the control panel.

More features of TheTrustSpy

GPS tracker– spying GPS location is the most essential feature offered by the TheTrustSpy app. Get a real-time position itself a big achieved because such services were not available before.

SMS spy– using this SMS spy feature you can read text messages from various social media sources present on the suspect device. Parents can now know to whom their kid is busy chatting. The spouse can know why there is a shift in partner behavior and why he/she does not talk to them anymore.

Call recording– the call recording feature enables you to hear and record calls received and made by the suspect on their device. It also allows a user to track video calls and voice calls in one click. The calls from social media messengers such as WhatsApp also get traced without making huge efforts.

Social media monitoring- this feature offers you every detail from social media app used by the suspect. The suspect might perform lots of activities on social media such as posting videos, photos, and other content, so it becomes essential to use this special feature. Not only time but also date will be mentioned along with the conversations.

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The TheTrustSpy app is best known to offers features that are not at all offered by other spying tools. You can get details and information related to suspect as well as to whom he/she chat Facebook account. Do not forget to view pictures, audio files, and videos frequently for best results and know the reason behind the behavior of the kid, spouse, or employee.