Five Ways To See Private Facebook Profiles

Five Ways To See Private Facebook Profiles

5 Best Ways To View Private Facebook Profiles

5 Best Ways To View Private Facebook Profiles
5 Best Ways To View Private Facebook Profiles

Facebook lets you connect to as many people as you like and view their profiles. So long as their profiles aren’t private, it’s possible to connect to them all. Private accounts have their information on the profile hidden. Only friends can see the profiles of private accounts. This is a fantastic privacy feature to prevent anyone from viewing your information on your profile if they are not on their friend list. Parents need to be more aware of their children’s activities on the internet. A large number of children have been able to block their Facebook friends, making it difficult for parents to keep track of the content their children post on Facebook and the people they connect with. In this article, you will be taught how to check your personal Facebook account.

Part 1. How to view a private Facebook profile without having to be Friends [Best Method]

Part 2. Three Common Ways to See private Facebook profiles and photos

Part 3. Another way to access private Facebook pages by Username

Part 1. How do you view the private Facebook profile of a user without friends

Part 1. How do you view the private Facebook profile of a user without friends
Part 1. How do you view the private Facebook profile of a user without friends

If your kid has a profile that is hidden that is not visible, it could cause anxiety for you as a parent. This is why parents who are worried about their child’s Facebook activity need to have a Facebook secret profile viewer. This will permit them to see their activity and circumvent the limitations on private profiles. TheTruthSpy Monitoring Tool is the ideal choice if you’re looking for such a tool.

TheTruthSpy, an Facebook monitoring tool specifically designed for children is what parents use to track their children’s activities. TheTruthSpy allows you to watch the activities of a targeted mobile phone. Facebook under social apps is among the options that permit users to access an individual’s private profile. This feature is only available to Android devices. However, it can be very beneficial for accessing anyone’s Facebook profile, even though they’re private. To access the Facebook activities of your target, you just must download the TheTruthSpy application on the target device.

Download TheTruthSpy at: how to spy on someone facebook.

TheTruthSpy’s Key Features TheTruthSpy:

Remotely monitor the activities of a phone.

It is possible to look up the call logs as well with text messages sent by the targeted.

You can also look through the browser history for the target.

– Other social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and more are also tracked.

Part 2. Common methods to access private Facebook profiles as well as photos

TheTruthSpy isn’t the only option to view a private Facebook account. These are the best ways to look into someone’s private Facebook profile.

Method 1: Using Social Engineering

Social Engineering exploits the human psychological weakness to get temporarily access to a person’s Facebook profile. Since a private account cannot be seen by anyone else those who are friends with the person and you’re not sure if the person will add you to their friend list So, you can make use of the Social Engineering technique to get temporary access to the account. To do this, you have to text the account holder (if the person knows that you change your name) and if they respond to your text, then you’ll have the ability to see their details such as DOB, friends, and other data.

Method 2, Using ImageMate

PictureMate is an extension free for Google Chrome that you can use to view someone Facebook without needing to make them a friend. This is an excellent tool, especially if want to view private Facebook profile pictures in private. This tool is great in cases where you need to find information about the person you are targeting through the photos they’ve labeled. Follow these steps to understand how to make use of PictureMate for a private profile.

1. Visit the official website of PictureMate at and install the Google Chrome Extension on your Google Chrome browser.

2. Open the browser once more and navigate to Facebook.

3. Now, search for the photos of the target and PictureMate will display all the photos of the person who they are associated with.

Method 3: Include Target’s Friends to Your List of Friends

Each account can be limited to friends. Some people utilize the Friends of friend’s option to keep their private data private. The target’s profile information will be visible to his entire circle of friends. You’ll have to add the target’s Facebook friends to your friends list to be able access the private profile of their target. Also, you will have mutual friends, and the person you want to contact could be willing to accept your friend request. However, you may need to conceal your identity in order to prevent people to find out about your identity.

Part 3. Another Way to View Private Facebook by Username

You can still access private Facebook profiles without installing anything or signing up on any site. It’s the Private Profile Viewer online tool. It’s a free online tool that can help you look through private Facebook profiles by providing the person’s Facebook username or ID.

Step 1. Go to and then click on Tool at the navigation bar. Then, you can find the person by their ID, username, or Facebook profile URL.

Step 2. Complete the form by clicking Submit and then View Private Picture to view the private pictures of the subject.

While Private Profile Viewer is an easy tool to use, it’s not highly recommended. Because there are numerous doubts regarding its claim that it can view private profiles and security. Although this tool online may seem free, there could be flaws in its capacity to protect the security of the profile that has been compromised. The tool also doesn’t operate 24/7 since it is unable to find certain Facebook profiles. Instead, you could employ the TheTruthSpy tool to obtain the private view of someone’s profile.


An account can be made private to keep strangers from viewing the activities of your profile. However, this feature can be an issue for of parents who wish to keep track of their children’s activities in a private manner without becoming their friends. The parents will be able to follow the instructions in this article to view their child’s private Facebook profile.


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