Free GPS Tracker

The worst feeling in the world is losing your phone. We are so used to our smartphones that we cannot survive without them.

Now imagine, losing your phone! It is not only a financial loss but affects your mental health as well.

People keep all their private data on their phones. So if it gets stolen, it is a matter of concern. You need to use a method that helps you to track the phone.

Many people use GPS Tracker to track the phone. In order to use it, you need a spying app.

The spying app contains the GPS Tracker feature which helps you to track phone location. It will help you to track live as well as past locations.


Track Phone Location

Track Phone Location

If you want to track phone location for free, you need to use Free GPS Tracker. This feature is only available in the TheTrustSpy – Free Spying App.

There are many free spying apps available in the market. You can use these apps to track location for free. There is no need to pay any money to get the location.

Most individuals use it so that they can easily track their lost or missing phone. Apart from that, parents also use this feature.

It helps them to track the location of their kids. They can remotely keep an eye on the kids and know where they are at the moment.

Partners can also use this feature if their spouse is working late or in any other country.


Why Use Free GPS Tracker?

Free GPS Tracker is a very important feature of a spying app. You can use it for all these things.

  • Track Live Location: You can use it to track the live location of the phone. You will get an accurate, current location of the phone. You can use the GPS map to follow the current location as well.
  • Track Past Location: You can also use it to track the past locations of the phone. You will get location details after every 15 minutes. You can check the location with the date and time.
  • Address: Along with the location, you will get a complete address with landmarks and nearby places. You will get details about longitude and latitude as well.


Steps to Track Phone Location using Free GPS Tracker

Steps to Track Phone Location

If you want to use Free GPS Tracker, you need to use a spying app. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Download Free GPS Tracker APK File: This step is only for android phone spying. You need to download and install the spying app on the phone. You can directly download it from the website at After that, you need to install it. Lastly, you need to open the app and sign up and create an account.
  • Login: After that, you can log in to the spying account.
  • GPS Tracker: You need to use the Free GPS Tracker option to track the phone location.