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Hidden Keylogger using TheTrustSpy App

Most of the time it becomes hard to remember the passwords we set in our phone and thus, we are unable to unlock the phone. If we are unable to remember the password and unlock the phone then we cannot perform the important task on it like we cannot make calls, sent important messages and so on. So, how should we get back the forgotten password? It is easy to get the forgotten password if we make use of TheTrustSpy. TheTrustSpy app allows you to hack the target phone and retrieve the password and pattern with the help of its keylogger feature.

Hidden Keylogger using TheTrustSpy App

Hidden Keylogger using TheTrustSpy App

Keylogger feature is used to record the patterns, password, and keys pressed on the target phone. So, using this feature you can get back the forgotten password and another use of this feature is for the parents. Parents can make use of this feature and spy on their kids to know what all activities their kids do on their phone. this feature is also important for the employers to spy on employees phone and get the password from employees phone to unlock their phone and see if they are stealing important information about their company.

How to use keylogger feature of TheTrustSpy

How to use keylogger feature of TheTrustSpy

How to use keylogger feature of TheTrustSpy

TheTrustSpy app has keylogger which you can use following some simple steps. First of all, you need to go to the (https://thetrustspy.com/install-android-spy/)  then download the app. It will install immediately after that and then you have to open the app to read its privacy policy and terms of use. Agree to it and then sign up from the main page. You will log in using the ID and password you made and then you will land on to the control panel of TheTrustSpy.

From here make a setting to hide TheTrustSpy on the target phone and then from the control panel click on the hidden keylogger feature. TheTrustSpy will then record the patterns as well as the password of the target phone and send it to you. You can view the recorded content and unlock the phone using the password or pattern as recorded.

Now that you had learned that how to unlock the phone of target person using the hidden keylogger feature of TheTrustSpy, go and try it now! You will be surprised to see how useful TheTrustSpy is. There are a number of features which allow you to completely spy on the target person’s phone. Let’s discuss these features in detail!

Track location- the location of the target phone can be recorded using the GPS tracker feature of TheTrustSpy app. it allows you to locate the person’s phone on a map and see his real-time activity. You can see the other details also like the duration, date, name of the place, etc.

Call spying– hack the target person’s phone to record his/her calls. You can listen to the conversation in high quality whenever you want by accessing the control panel. You can also see the details of the calls like time, duration of call, name, and number of the person who called up.

SMS spying hack the SMS messages of target phone using TheTrustSpy. You can view all the send or receive messages along will the hidden messages. You can see the deleted messages as well. The name of the sender, as well as time/ date, is made available for you to see.

Internet activities spying this feature lets you see what the target person is surfing on the web. The history of the web browser is recorded and sends to the control panel. The user can also block the URL or websites which target person visits most so as to stop him/her from visiting the website again.

IM chat spying- hack the WhatsApp, Facebook messenger chats of the target person. You will be able to get the full chats of person and you can save these chats for future use. In addition to this you can also view the photos, audios and videos shared or received.

Ambient listening– this records the surrounding sounds of the person’s phone. Thus, you can know what is happening around the phone. Recording surrounding sounds are good when you want to listen to what is happening in a closed room, or to listen to the discussion happening between more than two people.


Among the above-given feature, the ambient listening is the only feature you will not find in any other spy app. TheTrustSpy offers this amazing bunch of features which allow knowing the truth target person is hiding from you.