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Live Control Panel – View all tracking data via TheTrustSpy Panel

TheTrustSpy provides you an online control panel that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. With TheTrustSpy, you can:

  • Simply log in to your TheTrustSpy control panel from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Browse through the easy-to-use control panel to see all the data uploaded from the target device.
  • Look at all the multimedia straight from the control panel or download it for later.


What is a TheTrustSpy app

As the name suggests, it is a spying app that enables the user to keep an eye over the suspect 24×7 comfortably and without interruptions. It is specially made for home-related and business purpose. Is the installation and downloading process simple? Installation and downloading TheTrustSpy App is pretty simple and easy. It takes approximately 5 minutes and you will be offered with the best software ever available in the market for spying.

You as a parent or business employer receive full access over the live control panel so as to target the activities of the suspect. It makes the spying and remote communication more affordable for the active users by providing innovative and attractive solutions in the form an application.

Now you do not have to spy anonymously and have fear of getting caught while spying on the suspect. You can use the app for tracking your kid, employee or spouse activities in your absence. Parents often worry a lot when their kid is outside or approaching a tuition class. In this case, using the TheTrustSpy app is a nice idea. Sometimes, partners also doubt their spouse when they get to see their better half is chatting or doing something, without asking a favor from him/her. Same goes with the employers, the cutthroat competition has put a businessman in fear that anytime their business could be shut down due to dishonest employee activities.

Now you are pretty much sure why existing users recommend using the TheTrustSpy app to new customers.

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How TheTrustSpy app works

You first need to install and download the application on your device (iPhone or Android device) but ensure that you choose a target based on the above three mentioned categories. The suspect won’t know about the application software as it gets hides at the background. The official site allows you to choose a package that suits your need or requirement best.

After you have picked up the package, straightaway download and install it. The live control panel allows you to listen & record calls precisely. Moreover, you will be able to track live online activities from the suspect device including messages, photos, and videos.

The application is not only best known to offer 100% live control panel but also users can protect someone’s life from falling into fatal situations.

Some feature of the app

The TheTrustSpy app offers lots of features to their users so as to provide them with a brief overview of the spying application. You get a golden opportunity to listen and record call logs, read all messages, have complete access over phone camera on your iPhone or Android phone. Not only it works best on these two devices, but also offers compatibility with other popular devices available in the market. Some of the amazing features are mentioned below-

  • GPS location
  • Camera access
  • Text message (email. SMS) spying
  • Mobile call tracking
  • Social media tracking
  • Entire browsing activities
  • Tracing keylogger
  • Read IM chats

Other than these features the TheTrustSpy app has some more features that attract customers from all over the globe. You can visit the official website and have a glance over it. Blocking pages with inappropriate content that can spoil your kid are also offered to the parents. In this way, they can view what all activities get performed by their kid and block sites that seem to be bad for them. In case you find an awful activity you can straightaway claim on the developer and drag him/her to the police station.

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Benefits of TheTrustSpy App

If you have concerns, questions, and queries related to the application then you can straightaway call the free customer care service provider. The installation, downloading and hiring process is quick and simple and anyone can do it without having any skill of computer. You will be able to manage suspect activity & records it successfully after viewing it live on the control panel.