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Best phone Hidden Call Recorder using TheTruthspy App

Have you ever got one of those phone calls that you wish to record as memory or evidence? I’m pretty sure you have. Well, now you are wondering what the best means of recording a phone call are. In this article, I will describe TheTrustSpy App by which you can record phone calls. Not only with this app, but you can also record other’s phone conversation! So if you are suspicious about your spouse or worried about your child, use this app to figure out what they are doing in their free time. TheTrustSpy has the feature to remotely record phone activity made from the target phone.

Best phone Hidden Call Recorder using TheTruthspy App

Best phone Hidden Call Recorder using TheTruthspy App

TheTrustSpy allows you to remotely record calls made from or received by your target device. With TheTrustSpy, Call recording, Spy call recording, Call recorder, hidden call recorder, you can:

  • Instantly see a recording of all incoming or outgoing calls.
  • Set up a predefined number you wish to record calls to or from.
  • Listen to the recording either directly from you Control Panel or download them to your PC.
Call recording, Spy call recording, Call recorder, Voice call recorder

Call recording, Spy call recording, Call recorder, Voice call recorder

Introduction to TheTrustSpy app

TheTrustSpy is a modern spyware that provides you with the most appropriate way to access all information, activities from the target phone. This application replaces orthodox detective, this is the updated high tech digital spy app that needs to install in target device and provide full control in the phone activities such as multimedia access, geolocation, call logs, call recording, messaging, social account access and so on. The truth will no longer is hidden; it helps you to monitor children activities, employee’s activities, spouse’s activities discreetly.

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Why you need Hidden Call Recorder

If you are eager to know what your loved one’s talking on the phone, with whom they are chatting whether they are indulging in wrong activities. In order to know all this, you need a convenient way like TheTrustSpy app. You might be scared that what your child is doing and what they are discussing or not getting it wrong friend circle. Not only for the parents but there are the time have you needed to monitor employee’s activities. For a single person, it is difficult to gain control over all the staff. You can get all the information from its hidden call recording feature so that you eliminate the fear of leaking confidential information.

In many relationships, people have doubts about their partners, and they want to know where they are spending time. Many times they are acting but not happy with a relationship, it is complete time wasting to cosset in an unhappy relationship. With hidden call recorder you can listen to the incoming and outgoing calls and make sure there is no dilemma. To get access on hidden call recorder you have to log in TheTrustSpy app and get the live conversation of the target phone in your remote device.

As it sounds hidden call recorder, you get an idea about its work. It is spying software that helps in tracking all the tracking details of the target person. This application needs to install in the target device then you can listen to the conversation held on the target phone. TheTrustSpy is one in all spying software available over the internet with exciting spying features. Hence, if you are in doubt of someone then you must get this amazing app right away!

How does the hidden call recorder feature work

How does the hidden call recorder feature work

How does the hidden call recorder feature work

If you really want to know about this function then install this application. It is the versatile app with reliable interface helps you to provide true information. If the recorded data will not play in the browser or phone you can download the driver to listen to those files. TheTrustSpy has stealth mode feature which works secretly on the target phone. You don’t want target person known that he/ she is spied it will be trouble for you or raze your spying plan. So if you want to find exact information then it is better to turn on stealth mode. TheTrustSpy works automatically on the IOS and Android platform. This works well on this platform as these works internally, also works on any type of network. You can watch any activity which is executing on the target phone.

The hidden call recorder helps you to monitor all information of the target phone such as ID, the password that is typed in the target phone. It is the feature that helps you to record the incoming and outgoing conversation, no matter the phone is locked with a hidden password. This application works on rooted or unrooted phones, also this record all type of languages without changing the settings.

More features of TheTrustSpy

Spy call

The spy call feature allows monitoring all the phone conversation of the target phone. Also, allow tracking the phone call that you can record the calls with real time and date. Parents use this app to know children activity with whom they are talking or business owners use to monitor the employee’s activities.

Call recorder

This application has the call recording feature, to get all the recordings of dialed and received calls. There are many times when you don’t have time to listen to live call recording this app let you record the calls so you can listen to it anytime anyplace.

Ambient voice recorder

This feature records the noise and voice surroundings of the target phone. Easily you can hear what is happening on the back of the target person. This is one of the great features, many times spouse tell lie where they are. With this application, you know the truth.

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Install and download:

  • Visit the official site from the following link https://thetrustspy.com/install-android-spy/ and download the app
  • Allow the unknown sources in the device and install it
  • Fill up the credentials here and verify the account by email
  • Open the control panel and setup here settings turn on the hidden call recorder feature
  • In order to spy secretly turn on the stealth mode
  • No, you are done open your device log in here and get all the recorded voice call data

Final words

TheTrustSpy is the best app that helps you to record the calls from the target phone discreetly. Now you can know the location of the target phone. With this app, one can use the target phone as their own and access the files from the phone. All you have an internet connection on your device. It is the best application to offer reliable and true information.