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Is it really possible to spy someone’s call using TheTrustSpy App

Have you ever heard of spying on someone’s calls? Or how to spy calls using a spying tool? If yes, then now you can actually do it without needing any skill of computer. You just require your cell phone and information about the suspect. The suspect may be your kid, spouse, girlfriend, even employee. Just read the guide and know how TheTrustSpy App helps you in doing so.

Is it really possible to spy someone's call using TheTrustSpy App

Is it really possible to spy someone’s call using TheTrustSpy App

TheTrustSpy allows you to receive a chronological log of all incoming and outgoing calls. With TheTrustSpy, Call spy, Call spy app, Android spy call, Spy Call, you can:

  • The time of the call
  • Its duration
  • The number of calls made
  • The device number or a contact’s name (provided it is saved in the device’s address book)
Call spy, Call spy app, Android spy call, Spy Call

Call spy, Call spy app, Android spy call, Spy Call

How does TheTrustSpy app work

Using the latest hi-tech technology, TheTrustSpy app is developed so as to monitor activities of the suspect. The spying app is solely designed and manufactured for employers and parents. Since it does not demand great IT skills, it is easy to use and install. Moreover, users can use it on their device (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung, etc) as it offers Smartphone & tablet compatibility too.

Once the spying software gets installed and downloaded successfully, the user is free to monitor and get information of their choice. SMS messages & call information gets logged when GPS is available in addition with periodic GPS location offerings.

You do not have to worry about keeping your device near to suspect device and view his/her activities. It is because the suspect activities can be seen with the help of ANY web browser, phone web browser or MAC.

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How to get the software

Follow the steps below and get is soon-

Step 1-at first you need to visit the official site by clicking https://thetrustspy.com/install-android-spy/

Step 2- Now you can create an account and get free trail service of 48 hours after downloading and installing it

Step 3- After knowing everything about the service, you can choose a package for more advanced features

Step 4- After you have bought the package as per your budget, log in using your ID and password to view suspect activities

Who all can use it

It is developed for the following category-

Parental control– parents often worry when their kid heads to tuition or college. So, in order to provide security to your kid, TheTrustSpy comes into play. The parental control option allows the parents to see the kid activities on the control panel. Also, parents come to know what their kid is doing on the Smartphone like to whom he/she is chatting when it is the time to study or sleep.

Employee monitoring– TheTrustSpy offers solutions to your company by providing the utmost level of security. It helps you to keep records of employee’s safely on your control panel. Thus, you will be able to silently and undetectably view their activities. You also get to see whether your most trusted employee is secretly delivering the information to other companies or not.

Catch cheating spouse– if you seem to lose truth in your partner because of his/her awkward behavior then it is the time to use the TheTrustSpy app. You get to see lots of details and messages from your spouse device.

Other than offering a call spying feature what other features TheTrustSpy offer to the users.

Other features offered by the TheTrustSpy app

Other features offered by the TheTrustSpy app

Other features offered by the TheTrustSpy app

Live call recording– the suspect might be hiding something such as a sound file, you can easily uncover it using the TheTrustSpy live call recording feature within seconds. The live calls automatically get saved on web account of the user for later listening.

WhatsApp spy– nowadays people prefer to chat more than using a calling feature. So, it is a great source of getting useful information about the suspect that reveals the truth behind his awkward behavior. You will see the status, profiles, locations, pictures, messages, and emoticons send or received on the suspect device.

Ambient listening– this feature is really very special as it allows the user to listen the sound of surrounding taking place around the suspect device. You can even make use of a hidden call so as to listen to phone surround similar to a “bugging device”. For real-time ambient hearing, do try this feature.

100% undetectable– most of the people make up their mind of using a spying tool but fails to take any action due to this question “is the spying tool 100% undetectable?” TheTrustSpy app is the guaranteed undetectable tool that hides precisely at the background of the device. Your target will never ever come to know about your spying activities.

Keylogger– the keylogger feature is special as it enables you to get the entire app password set down by the suspect on his/her device. You can go through the entire range of apps present on the suspect device and gather useful information from it. This way you can access other applications too.

Remotely control– If you are thinking you always needs to stay close to the suspect for getting real-time information then you are wrong. You can remotely control the activities of the suspect using this feature.

Record SMS messages– the TheTrustSpy app is best known to trace SMS messages in a blink of an eye. You not only get forwarded, sent, received but also deleted SMS messages easily.

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People from all parts of the world make use of the TheTrustSpy app so as to clear off all of their doubts, concerns being put by them on the kid, spouse or employees. If you too have little doubt on someone who is close to you, then do try the spying tool and know the reason behind it.