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How to spy on photos/videos of cell phone user using TheTrustSpy

Get TheTrustSpy app installed now in your phone to see photos/ videos of others phone without letting them know it! Yes, you heard it right! You will be able to hack multimedia files of target phone by just one click. All these things are made possible by TheTrustSpy which is the leading spy software in the digital market. TheTrustSpy send photo/ videos to an online account of the user and from there target person is able to collect all the details of the target phone.

How to spy on photos/videos of cell phone user using TheTrustSpy

How to spy on photos/videos of cell phone user using TheTrustSpy

With TheTrustSpy, View photo captured, Photo tracker android, record all photos and video captured by target phone camera. Automatically send photos to your online account without the need of using iTunes or PC software. This also help you protect your children against taking nude photo, video and sharing with bad friends.

View photo captured, Photo tracker android

View photo captured, Photo tracker android

What is the need for the photos/videos spy – TheTrustSpy

Teenagers try to be cool and influenced by current fashion as well as beauty industry. It feels as if they are highly pressurized so as to push the envelope when it is about dressing up. Smartphone offers the teenagers an opportunity to take the photos as well as post them on social media sites such as Myspace, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Teenagers do this for fun and they think they impress their friends however, in reality; their photos can be used by hackers or other people out there for their benefits.

Another case is where photos, important documents of office are leaked by the employees through their Smartphone. They are posing problems for the companies and helping your competitors. You need to check on their phone’s multimedia files so as to see what their employees capture in their phone and why they share it with other people or their competitors.

How to install TheTrustSpy for spying on camera (photos/videos)

Therefore, now you must have understood the need for this feature in spy app and its use! If you wish to spy on photos and videos using TheTrustSpy then follow the below-given points.

  • Download TheTrustSpy and install it on the android phone (on the user and target phone both)
  • Visit its sign up page and make the user account
  • Login using account ID/ password
  • Get in the control panel
  • Set TheTrustSpy app in hidden mode on the target phone
  • Click the feature spy photos/ videos
  • Enable the notification

Download Android Spy TheTrustSpy

Complete the above-given steps and then TheTrustSpy will start functioning to acquire photos from the target phone. The collected photos from the target phone will be sent to you in the control panel. Access the control panel again and see the target phone photos. It is to be noted that you can only see target phone activity when you have an internet connection. You can save the photos/ videos from the control panel into your mobile if you want.

Other Features of TheTrustSpy

You will also be able to see details of the photos/ videos like the date when it was captured, the time it was captured, size and other details. Spying on children android Smartphone and seeing the photos they had captured you will know what they are up to and what kind of photos/ videos they share at social media. Now we will have a look at the other features of TheTrustSpy!

Call spy/contact spy/call recording spy on live call or listen to the recorded calls using this feature. Also, view the contact history to see who calls most and who least. See what was the time when calling to place and for how many hours the conversation took place.

Photos/videos/audio spy- captured media on target phone is collected and sent to user control board.

App usage recording/ app blocking- record the usage of the app and see which app is harmful and most used. Block that app and keep the target person away from using it!

Keylogger– records every patterns/ password used by target phone.

GPS tracker/ambient listening- check the location of victims phone and also, listen to surrounding voices to know what is happening around the phone.

SMS spy read all the chats of the target person using this feature. Save the chats and see the details like name, date, time and so on

Calendar events/note spy- see what target person plans to do on specific dates and what kind of notes they make in their phone.

Social media spy- sees the activity of a target person on social media. See whom they chat and what they share personally with other people.

View All Feature

These are all the features of TheTrustSpy that you are offered. Target phone is not able to detect that TheTrustSpy is installed on their phone. Hence, it is safe using TheTrustSpy for hacking on kids/spouse/relatives/employees device. Parents/ employers/ partners must make use of it today!