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Ambient Voice Recording using TheTrustSpy App

Technology has overpowered mankind and mankind of today makes use of this technology to fulfill their greed. There are many who do good work with tech gadgets but most of the time we see they involve in doing wrong things knowingly or unknowingly. Also, smartphone or android phone has been largely used by people of today. It is used by elders, youngsters and even kids which is a matter of concern. The kids are innocent ones and do not know much about the real world. Thus, it becomes a challenging task for parents to control their children’s activity.

Ambient Voice Recording using TheTrustSpy App

Ambient Voice Recording using TheTrustSpy App

Thanks to the tech gurus who have designed such software which allow parents to monitor their child. Such software is commonly known as Spy App and among these apps; the most trusted one is TheTrustSpy. Recent studies reveal that most of the parent make use of such app and are happy to keep their child safe from cybercrime and cyberbullying.

With TheTrustSpy, Voice recording, Ambient recording, Spy call, Voice call recorder, allows you to listen and record the surroundings of the target phone at any time you want. Hear what’s happening around the device.

  • Just send a simple SMS command or use the Ambient Recording Software control panel to start recording remotely.
  • Listen and Record the surroundings of the target phone at any time.
  • Listen to recordings straight from the Ambient Recording Software control panel or download them to your computer.
  • All recordings are uploaded to your online Ambient Recording Software control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.
Voice recording, Ambient recording, Spy call, Voice call recorder

Voice recording, Ambient recording, Spy call, Voice call recorder

Rely on TheTrustSpy for spying voice recorder

Compatible- TheTrustSpy is software which is easily compatible with Android, iOS, and iPhone devices. So, if the user is having android or iPhone you can easily install it in their device and your device to spy comfortably.

Undetectable– TheTrustSpy app is not detectable and which is the reason why most of the people rely on it for spying. Once you install this software on target phone it gets hidden automatically and thus, the victim did not get the idea of the presence of spyware on his/her phone!

Contain no virus- TheTrustSpy app do not contain virus-like other apps. It is secure to use and install this app. Also, TheTrustSpy do not consume large space of your phone thus, you can utilize it to know the truth behind the target phone.

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How to use this feature of TheTrustSpy

To make use of this feature first you need to visit TheTrustSpy official site. From there you need to get the software installed in your phone as well as victim’s phone. Then after installing it open it up and enter ID or password if you already have an account on TheTrustSpy or else make a new account using the sign-up option. Finally, hide the software in the target phone and start spying. You can activate the ambient listening feature from the control panel and hear to the sounds around the target phone. You can also make a recording of the sounds and save them on your phone. The feature is also useful when you wish to know where your kids are. If he/ she will be in school then you can hear sounds of classroom bell, children’s discussing but if he/ she is not in the school then you can recognize the sound of place he/ she has gone lying to you.

  • SMS spy- sent and received SMS can be hacked easily
  • IM spy- WhatsApp, Facebook messenger messages can be hacked
  • Contact spy- spy on the contact list, see phone number and name
  • Call spy- details of the call will be hacked and the call will be recorded by TheTrustSpy
  • GPS tracker- locates the target phone and allows the user to his/her real-time activity
  • Photos/ videos spy- check captured photos/ videos of target phone
  • Browser spy- see what the target person is surfing or browsing
  • Social media- check the social media chats and other activity
  • App usage- what all apps are present in the target phone and how much is the usage of a certain app can be recorded
  • App blocking – block apps which are harmful

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These many features are offered in TheTrustSpy app, which works smoothly.