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Text Message Spy: How to spy on text messages using TheTrustSpy App

Are you looking for a Text Message Spy? YES, then we have an incredible application that do more than just Text Message Spy. Use TheTrustSpy, it is a complete spying application that includes Text Message Spy. You can do more using TheTrustSpy.

TheTrustSpy allows you to view any text message sent from or received by the target device. With TheTruthSpy, Free Text Message Spy, you can:

  • The content of each text message
  • Whether the text message was incoming or outgoing
  • Sender/Recipient of the text message
  • The date and the time of the text message
Text Message Spy: How to spy on text messages using TheTrustSpy App

Text Message Spy: How to spy on text messages using TheTrustSpy App

What is Text Message Spy – TheTrustSpy App

Spying means having an eye on someone or in other words spying on them. Text Message Spy means spying their SMS details which may includes the number of the sender and receiver, date and time stamp along with the messages.

Today, Text Message Spy has been an essential part of the spying because most of the conversation happens on SMS. Text Message Spy is mostly required by the professionals who want to ensure that none of the confidential details of the business goes in wrong hands. However, SMS is not enough to share these details with the competitors. Today, social media platforms and other means are available using which this information can be shared. Thus, just spying SMS is not what you need. You need full spying of the device which can be easily done using TheTrustSpy App.

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Introduction to TheTrustSpy App

Introduction to TheTrustSpy App

Introduction to TheTrustSpy App

TheTrustSpy is a spy app or monitoring app. This is a free application that is supported by all platforms such as android, iOS and blackberry. It includes:

  • Text Message Spy
  • Call monitoring
  • Monitoring of instant messaging apps
  • GPS Spying
  • Spying of photos/videos
  • Remote control
  • Undetectable
  • Hidden call recorder
  • Monitoring of browser history
  • Free key logger

Other Features of TheTrustSpy App

To introduce you more about the TheTrustSpy, let us understand few of its features.

Hidden call recorder– this feature if enabled allow the user to record all the calls whether incoming or outgoing from the device. It also records the phone’s surroundings. This feature is called as ambient recording.

Website monitoring– TheTrustSpy tracks the web history of every day. It sends the browsing details to the user on their account. The user can check the visited websites; also the blocking option is giving. This enhances the parental control feature of the TheTrustSpy.

Free key logger– key logger is essential software to monitor the keystrokes. These strokes let you know about the typed text using it one can easily know the password of user’s account. TheTrustSpy let you know the password of the IM messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. This allows you to enter into their account.

TheTrustSpy has many more features that are useful for Spying. Who can use it? Anyone who needs to spy on their kids, employees, spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend can use the application.

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Guide to download and install TheTrustSpy App

This app can be downloaded from the official website, simply follow the steps given below if you want to use it.

  • Enable unknown sources
  • Disable package verifier
  • Download and install
  • Make a user account
  • Hide the icon

A free live demo is given on the website; watch to learn more about the TheTrustSpy. The demo will show exactly how you can download it on the device. Remember, the spying applications are never installed in the person’s device who wants to spy. You have to install it on the device being spied. So, grab the device for few seconds and complete the above steps. Don’t forget the last step because everything depends on it. If you miss the last step then the device owner will come to know about the app and you can be in trouble.