Top 8 Remote Spy Software For Android And iPhone

Top 8 Remote Spy Software For Android And iPhone

Here’s the top eight Monitor Apps to Spy on Your Kid’s Android or iPhone

Here's the top eight Monitor Apps to Spy on Your Kid's Android or iPhone
Here’s the top eight Monitor Apps to Spy on Your Kid’s Android or iPhone

A child is not aware of the bad things that happen in the world. Every parent strives to ensure that their child is safe and protected. Parents often prefer to give their children phones even at a young age for security. It is important to know what your kids are using the phone to do. These apps allow you to monitor what your child is doing on their smartphone.

Part 1. Top 10 apps to monitor Your Kids

Part 2: Why Do You Need to Spy on your child’s phone?

Part 1. Top 8 Apps that You Can Use to Monitor Your Kids

Part 1. Top 8 Apps that You Can Use to Monitor Your Kids
Part 1. Top 8 Apps that You Can Use to Monitor Your Kids

1) TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is an parental control tool intended for parents who want to track their kid’s phone. The tool is now utilized for many other purposes. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The main functions of TheTruthSpy are as follows:

The spy app can be used to monitor 29 different kinds of information on your phone, including texts, calls, videos, photos social media messages locations and so on..

Fully compatible with all browsers for every device.

Remotely read messages from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

The child will not be aware that they’re being watched.

2) TheTruthSpy

The TheTruthSpy application is designed as a universal spy software. It will be able to track your child’s phone, monitor your employees, and protect your children. It was developed to be compatible with all mobile phones, tablets and computers. TheTruthSpy is a robust, un-detectable tool to monitor and track. This application can be utilized on Windows PCs, Mac OS, Android smartphones, tablets, and iPhones.

Price: $20.99/month


The system of tracking is so good that it’s used by companies to find lost phones.

It’s easy to use due to its incredible interface.

This product is highly recommended by users highly because of the great customer feedback.


It is expensive software.

The support for customers is not great.

The software does not offer a refund policy for the software.

3) TelephoneSpying

The app could be used as a parental control tool that allows parents to monitor their child’s phone and track their calls and location, text messages, and social media accounts. They’ve been the most renowned software developer of monitoring and tracking applications for over five years. It works with both Android and IOS devices.

Price is: Free


It comes with unique and impressive features that will help you keep track of your child.

Social media apps can be viewed and monitored by you without any knowledge.

It’s incredibly affordable when compared to other software programs.


It is very costly software.

– It might take some time to get used to the interface.

4) Phonesheriff

PhoneSheriff software was created specifically to monitor a child’s phone. It is well-known for its dependability of services and features. This app is extremely beneficial when it comes to monitoring all other functionalities of your child’s smartphone. The software works with the Android operating system only. It supported IOS devices also but that service has been discontinued because of some problems.

Price: $49


It’s a trusted software it was developed by one the most respected companies in the business.

– You can monitor every activity of your child using the additional features.


Certain features like call recording and keylogging are not available on certain devices.


Flexispy is one of the most widely used software to track and monitor mobile phones, tablets , and computers across the globe is Flexispy. Flexispy lets you access data without logging onto any website. You can choose which data you wish to view, and 2-factor authentication offers additional security. It is available for any operating system regardless of whether it’s Apple IOS, Android, Mac or Windows PC.

Price: $199


The software is packed with amazing features.

It’s very efficient in both professional and personal use.


IOS users do not have access to specific features.

It could be costly for monitoring software.

6) Mobistealth

The Mobistealth software helps to protect individual interests through the monitoring of different phone activities. It allows you to track every aspect of your phone’s activity and then forward these to your Mobistealth accounts. It is not required to notify the person who owns the device. It can be used on iOS as well as Android devices.

Price: $33.33


It offers detailed reports on device usage and activity, and an easy interface.

This app monitors and tracks other devices with precision.

The guarantee covers a 30 day money back.


It’s not equipped with many features when in comparison to other software for spying.

7) Highster Mobile

This program is able to track any phone remotely, and without being detected. Highster is an advanced phone spy software that you can track your loved ones, monitor employees in the office and monitor your child’s phone in order to set a limit to their internet activities. Spirit Phones include Verizon Phones. AT & T Phones. T Mobile Phones. Virgin Mobile. Metro Pcs Phones. and US Cellular Phones.

Price: $79.99


– This app is used in a very simple way. Just install it on your device, set up an account with a an email address that is legitimate and a password and then receive a monthly update on the phone you’d like to monitor.

Since you pay one time this app is significantly less than other apps.


The Highster app’s features are basic.

8) Spymaster Pro

It is among the top applications to monitor and track cell phones. It can be used to track remotely your family, friends or employees’ phone. The most important features offered by Spymaster Pro are hangout tracking phones, SMS GPS, Web Browser tracking, email tracking and social media tracking and other installed apps tracking.


Spymaster Pro has many ways to locate smartphones.

The cost of the software is cheap compared with other application software.


Instead of making a monthly installment instead, you’ll have to make a payment each month.

Part II The reason why you’re required to spy on your kid’s phone?

The children aren’t mature enough to fully understand the consequences. Parents can make use of this excuse to monitor their child. Below are some of these reasons:

A child is in an unsafe area: Parents know that certain places in every city should not be visited at inappropriate times. Parents can monitor their phones to determine the location of their child in a danger zone and can assist them.

Identity theft in social media: The use of social media has affected everyone around the world. This is a major issue for adults, too, however they’re equipped to tackle it. Identity theft can trigger major changes to a person’s lifestyle and could harm their image.

– Texting strangers to your children: Children aren’t generally good at judging other people’s character or discerning their intentions. A parent must be aware of the actions of their children and how it affects their behavior.

– Searching for fake or irrelevant websites Kids could stumble across information that isn’t pertinent to their needs. Parents will be able to access their browsing history and get valuable information about their children. Additionally, they will be able to provide appropriate guidelines to their kids to become a responsible person.

Cyberbullying: There’s a large number of online users who attacks and criticizes each and every action of a person. It can have an impact on your child’s brain. So, the parents need be aware of these concerns to guard their kids from cyberbullying.

Poor content on social media: Active users of social media platforms have the right to publish any information. But, they don’t have control over who accesses the information. It is also important to ensure that there is any inappropriate content posted on the profile of your child.

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