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How to spy on Viber using TheTrustSpy App

With TheTrustSpy you can find out about any Viber calls being made and get access to all Viber conversations that take place through the target phone. With TheTrustSpy, Viber Spy Software, Spy Viber on Android, Spy Viber Messages, you can:

  • View all Viber chat conversations.
  • Get access to Viber call records with time and date stamps.
  • Find out the names and numbers of people they have been chatting with.
  • Get time and date stamps to know when each chat took place.
  • All Viber conversations are uploaded to your online TheTrustSpy control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.
Viber Spy Software, Spy Viber on Android, Spy Viber Messages

Viber Spy Software, Spy Viber on Android, Spy Viber Messages

Spy Viber application using TheTrustSpy app

How to spy on Viber using TheTrustSpy App

How to spy on Viber using TheTrustSpy App

As you know Viber is the free instant messaging app and it is a cross-platform app which is initially developed by the Viber media. There are a number of features offered to the user in this app like exchanging videos, images, messages and so on. This app was developed with the aim to allow connect victims of the typhoon in the Philippines to their relatives. However, it gained popularity gradually and now it is used all over the world by people of every age to communicate and connect.

With the increased use of this app, the demand of Viber spying has also increased. Parents demand to spy over Viber chat of their children and for doing this spying Viber account of the children is necessary. But now the question arises how can you hack or spy Viber messages? There is an application available named TheTrustSpy app which allows you to spy Viber messages and spy over the target phone completely.

TheTrustSpy app is the most used spyware which recently gained popularity due to its affordability and better functionality. It is easy to use and to use it you just need to download/ install it on your android phone and the victim’s phone. There is an option given to hide this app on the target phone. Hiding the app is necessary after installation so that the target person does not know that someone has installed a spy app in his/ her phone.

Why use TheTrustSpy app

Why use TheTrustSpy app

Why use TheTrustSpy app

Some consider spying as an unimportant activity but it is the most important activity for parents. Parents need to spy on their kid’s activity which is taking place on the phone because now a day’s cybercrime has increased and also an incident of cyber-bullying has also increased. Parents need to check their children’s phone in order to know what their kids do on social media and whom they chat for longer duration and why!

Next reason to spy over the phone is that it is not easy to trust partners. There are many people who take the relationship as a fun element and they cheat other people. It can cause serious harm to the mental health of the other person, thus, taking a precaution is necessary. If you have doubt on your partner, use TheTrustSpy and reveal the truth. Thus, you will catch them red-handed and take proper steps against the person.

In workplace, employees may hide and use the cellphone which is not a good thing and it creates a problem for the employer and the company. If any important data is leaked then the company will face loss and thus, to avoid this problem you need TheTrustSpy app and check or spy employees phone in order to know what all information employees stole and sold to other company. The employer can stop employees from leaking important data of their company if they use this spyware.

Features of TheTrustSpy

  • Record calls view call history, view contact history
  • View location of target cell phone and view GPS history
  • Spy on instant messages of Viber and other IM app
  • View multimedia files saved on target phone including- photos, videos, etc
  • Spy on internet activity and search history
  • Record the app usage and pattern, passwords
  • View social media activity
  • Record surrounding voices by making hidden calls

Now, record minute activities of the target person on his phone using this app named as TheTrustSpy app. It is the most convenient app for spying offering a wide range of features and full privacy. There is no risk of getting detected by the target phone user as it is completely hidden. Also, there are no risks of damages to your phone by viruses as it is 100% test for the virus.