View Photos/Videos Captured

Most of the kids hide all their secrets in their phone gallery. They keep a separate lock on their phone gallery so that nobody can open it.

No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to check their gallery.

The only option left is to use a spying app. It contains a multimedia spy feature that helps you to spy on all the multimedia files on the phone.

You can use it to check the images as well as the videos on their phone.

Track Photos/Videos

Track Photos/Videos

In order to check the photos and videos captured on the phone, you need to use a spying app.

It is a very important feature which helps you to check all the multimedia files. You can check all the photos and videos in the phone gallery.

You can open the files and view the full content. Moreover, you can play videos as well.

Apart from that, you can check details like the type of file, file size, date, and time.


Why Use Multimedia Spy?

Multimedia Spy is a very important feature of a spying app. You can use it for all these things.

  • View Photos: It helps you to view all the photos on the phone. You can open the phone gallery and check all the photos in it. You will get details about each and every picture.
  • View Videos: Apart from that, you can also view all the videos. You can play the video and watch the full content. You will also get details about the video.
  • Save Media: If there is something important in the gallery, you can use the save option. It helps you to save the media on your device. You can save photos as well as videos on the phone.
  • Date/Time: You will be able to check all the media files with the proper date and time.


How to Use Multimedia Spy?

How to Use Multimedia Spy

If you want to use Multimedia Spy, you need to use TheTrustSpy Spying App. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Download: If you are spying on android, follow this step. You need to download and install the spying app on the phone. You can directly download it from the website at After that, you need to install it. You also need to open the app and register an account.
  • Login: After that, you can simply log in to the spying account to spy on the phone.
  • Multimedia Spy: You need to use the Multimedia Spy feature to spy on all the media files in the phone gallery.